Did you know that a bird is more closely related to a crocodile then it is to a bat?

Here at The Vet Lounge, we are totally bird crazy and understand that our feathered friends are quite different to dogs and cats. Birds have a special “preservation reflex” which means they are very good at hiding when they are sick. In the wild, they will be rejected by their flock-mates if they become unwell, as to preserve the health of the rest of the flock. Unfortunately if our little feathered friends are showing signs of being unwell, they are potentially very ill. We therefore recommend all birds are health checked every year so we can discuss with you diet, husbandry and keeping your bird healthy for years to come.

 Signs your bird is unwell :

  • fluffed up
  • sneezing
  • changes in attitude- not being their normal chirpy self and sleeping all the time
  • changes to their breathing pattern
  • vomiting or regurgitating
  • changes to the colour/frequency or consistency of their dropping.

Services we can perform for you and your bird

  • New bird health checks: recommended to be done before introducing your new bird to ensure they do not pass on disease to an existing pet
  • Psittacosis testing: psittacosis (avian chlamydia) is a disease of birds that can be passed on to humans. In birds it can show up as diarrhoea/respiratory disease and even sudden death. In humans it can cause respiratory disease which can be serious in young babies and the elderly.
  • DNA sexing to check if your bird is a boy or girl
  • Baseline blood work: we recommended performing a blood test when your bird is young and healthy, then if they do become unwell we have their “normal” values to refer back to
  • Wing and nail trimming
  • Behaviour consultations