Gold Coast Reptile Vet

Dr Michael Woodcock is one of only a few Gold Coast Vets who is experience with snakes and lizards. You are able to visit Michael is available at both our Coomera and Currumbin Vet Clinics.


Commonly kept snakes in Australia include Carpet Pythons and Children’s Pythons. These can be obtained from breeders and dealers, but will grow to become quite large. Carpet snakes are semi-arboreal, so cages need to be tall to allow for branches that these snakes like to lie on.


The Bearded Dragon (Pogona spp), a native of Australia, is now found worldwide as a popular pet. Anecdotal reports indicate that it is starting to surpass the Iguana as the preferred pet reptile in the United States. In Australia it is found widely distributed in the wild, although strict wildlife regulations mean that it is relatively uncommonly kept as a pet.

Gold Coast Large Animal Vet

Here at The Vet Lounge we not only service all small animal, birds and reptiles we also treat all large animals, from Goats to Cows. As one of the only Gold Coast Vet Clinic who service all animals. For information about making an appointment of a house call please call the closes Vet Clinic to you.

  • Horses
  • Goats
  • Cows
  • Sheep
  • Alpacas


The Staff at The Vet Lounge all have a passion to help injured wildlife. If you find any injured wildlife, please bring them into the practice for treatment. There is no government funding for wildlife but we don’t turn any animal away! Wildlife is treated by us at our own expense

The Currumbin practice took in this peacock after being hit by a car. He’s doing well today, so we hope he can soon be released back into the wild

Check out this cute little Magpie Gosling that was brought into our Coomera Clinic Yesterday! We treat and care for wildlife free of charge so please don’t hesitate to pick up and bring in any of our animal friends to any of our clinics! This little one is now safe at a carers home waiting to get big and strong for release.

Pocket Pets

Just like dogs and cat here at The Vet Lounge we recommend regular health check-ups for preventative health of your pocket pet. Regular check ups allow us to catch any illness early and we can inform you of the newest and best options in pet medicine.


Rats & Mice are a rodent animal. They can make ideal pets due to their small size, ease of care & quiet nature . They can be very interactive & sociable animals who readily accept human companionship.
Rats are a rodent animal. They can make ideal pets due to their small size, ease of care & quiet nature . They can be very interactive & sociable animals who readily accept human companionship. Rats are also known to be intelligent animals.

Life for a Rodent 2 to 3.5 years
Weight 225g to 500g
More information about Rodents coming soon.
They are fastidiously clean animals & can become very used to handling, especially if handling is started at a young age.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are sometimes referred to as ‘ Cavies’. They are a rodent animal native to South America. They can make ideal pets due to their small size, ease of care & quiet nature.


Our Vaccinations and Annual Check-ups are $90.00 this includes one on one time with the veterinarian, access to all our E-Books, full health check of your pet – heart, lungs, eyes, ears, skin, temperature and any concerns you may have. Remember these are very important visits, there is no such thing as a silly question and your pet ages 7 years to our 1.


Our Desexing Prices are competitive for the level of care that your pet receives. All of our desexing surgeries include: a full health check, sedation, surgery, fluids during the procedure (to help keep the blood pressure stable and assist kidneys in the filtration of the drugs used), pain relief on wake up and three days to go home with, a warm and comfortable recovery ward, follow up phone call after surgery and visit. Once again the price is dependent on sex and size of your pet.

Be sure to contact your local clinic for a personalised quote. We do recommend taking home an Elizabethan collar to ensure your pet leaves their surgery site alone these start at $10.00 and a pre anaesthetic blood test which is $88.00. This test tests your pet’s kidney and liver enzymes, red and white blood cell count, glucose and total protein levels. Your pet’s kidney levels are what we are most concerned about, your pet will not show any signs of renal failure until 75% of their kidneys are no longer functioning, this blood test will pick up changes prior to irreversible damage has been done.