Free Teeth Assessments

How does your facility compare with other vets?

We offer free teeth assessments all year round as a community service.

During the visit, we’ll gently lift up your pet’s lip so we can see the teeth from the front all the way to the back and on both sides. It only takes a minute or two and is a great opportunity to learn how to keep your pet’s teeth clean! We’ll give you lots of tips on how you can look after your pet’s teeth at home too. There are so many different ways to keep the teeth clean but we’ll let you know which options are best for your pet’s breed and your lifestyle.

It is recommended that you have your pet’s teeth checked every year to identify problems early. The longer you leave teeth issues, the worse they will get and the more it will cost to fix! Simply contact your nearest Vet Lounge practice and book in your free teeth assessment today.