Your pet’s home away from home

Our Luxury Pet Boarding services are available at The Vet Lounge Coomera and Currumbin. Coomera offers both cat and dog while Currumbin only offers cat boarding. 

Our individually decorated suites have been specifically designed to mimic the comforts of home to ensure your pet feels completely relaxed throughout their stay.

Our entire facility is completely airconditioned and relaxing piped music is played around the clock. Power points have also been installed for cats who drink from fountains or require a Feliway Diffuser (similar to a scent diffuser that emits scientifically proven calming pheromones to help settle your cat). Premium cat rooms and all dog boarding suites are also fitted with televisions to help your pet feel even more at home.

A huge amount of effort and planning went into the design of our boarding suites to ensure your pet’s stay is a positive one. We have tried to incorporate a real ‘home feel’ in all of the rooms while also ensuring the physical and mental needs of our guests are also met. Our accommodation also offers play areas for those who love to get out and explore.

Veterinary staff are on-site 6 days a week and trained boarding staff is on-site 7 days a week. Having vets and nurses on-site, means that we can cater for pets with medical conditions who require injections, tableting, or medical monitoring.

Gold Coast Cat and Dog Boarding

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