We had an interesting visitor today to our Ormeau Veterinary clinic from our friend Tony Harrison. A passionate a snake relocater Tony often brings injured reptiles to us for treatment. Yesterday Tony brought in a coastal carpet snake which he had been called to removed from a Molendinar home. The difference with this snake was that it was caught by the home owner wrapped around her pet cat. As the home owner tried to save her cat she was bitten on the foot by the 1.6 meter snake. Tony brought the snake in because of some injuries on it’s body that he thought need to be looked at. After a full exam from Dr Brei (One of the reptile vets on staff at The Vet Lounge) the injuries were too server and the snake would most properly die so the best decision for the welfare of the snake was to euthanised it. The snake mostly was run over by a car due the to the injuries. Please remember that both cats and dogs like chasing snakes and each year we treat a number of both dogs and cats for snake bits. Here at The Vet Lounge we have a number of our veterinary team with special interest in snake and lizards, Dr Michael Woodcock has been one of the few vets on the Gold Coast for many years who have a great understand of reptiles. Dr Brei and Dr Tom both have an interest in reptiles and have been learning a lot from Dr Michael. The Gold Coast Bulletin ran s story in today’s newspaper. Here is the link to article on the Bulletin Website