Where will my pet stay while in the practice for surgery?
Old rusty cages in practices still exist! Both of our practices have brand new stainless steel cages which are clean and safe.

Where will my pet recover?
We will not perform more surgery than our staffing levels can handle or that our cages can hold. Animals recovering from anaesthetic on the floor can be common practice in other vets which is a sign of inappropriate staffing levels. Patients at The Vet Lounge always wake up in a warm bed. If they are critical or high risk they will wake up in our ICU cages so we can montor them closely. Certainly never on the floor!

Do you have a dedicated surgical theatre?
Vet Lounge practices all have dedicated surgical theatres to ensure sterility while we perform surgery on your pet. Some practices don’t have a dedicated theatre which means your pet is at a greater risk of developing post operative infections. A theatre should only have the necessary equipment to perform the surgery and nothing more. It should not double up as a storage for the practice!Another important reason to tour the facility!

Are fluid pumps used to administer fluids during the surgery?
Fluid pumps ensure the correct level of fluid is given to your pet. Without them, it is difficult to monitor how much fluid your pet is receiving! Again, this equipment is not cheap so some vets don’t use them. Both of our practices use fluid pumps so rest assured your pet gets exactly the right level of fluid during their procedure or while they are in hospital with an illness.

What monitoring equipment do you use?
In addition to our qualified staff, The Vet Lounge uses modern anaesthetic monitoring equipment which adds an extra level of safety. The machines beep every time your pet breathes and also tells us their oxygen saturation levels. This equipment does not come cheap and some practices do not use them on every patient if at all.

Does the practice have a on-site laboratory?
This is essential for sick patients. You don’t want to have to wait a day or two for blood to be sent to an external lab! It is also crucial to test kidney and liver function prior to anaesthetics. Both of our practices have on-site laboratory.

What anaesthetics do you use?
The Vet Lounge administers the latest and safest anaesthetics to your pet. Yes, you are right, they are more expensive than the cheaper, older anaesthetics which some vets still use. We will not compromise on the safety of an animal.