Your safety, the safety of our staff, and the safety of our community is of upmost importance, so please read over our COVID procedures before your visit.

Our new policies are in place at all Vet Lounge locations. The following apply to you:

1. Hot spots or Cold & Flu symptoms 
If you have been in a listed COVID Hotspot within the last 14 days or have Cold or Flu symptoms, please do not come to the clinic. Arrange for someone else to bring in your pet to keep our staff safe.

2. Appointment times 
Please stick to your appointment time. If you’re running late, it’s often not a problem, but please let us know in advance, as this can cause bottlenecks in the waiting areas. The fewer people waiting the better. We ask that on arrival, all clients ‘check in’ using the government supplied COVID Safe Check-In tool (QR code).

3. Minimise people attending 
We prefer only 1 person in the consultation room to ensure we can socially distance. We normally love the whole family coming, and we will welcome you again when the virus is under control, but for now, 1 person only please. Compassionate exemptions may be made if you’re having to say goodbye to your pet.

4. Payment 
Please use credit cards as payment where possible to reduce physical contact.

5. Use our hand sanitiser
It’s on the front counter so give yourself a squirt on entry to keep us all safe.

6. What if COVID gets worse & comes to the Gold Coast?
If we get local infection/spread in the Gold Coast area, we will move to contactless appointments. When you arrive, a nurse will retrieve your pet from the car and bring them in for their consultation. Our vet will call you while you wait in your car and discuss any findings after examining your pet. At completion, our nurse will return your pet to you with any medications that may be required and you can pay using credit card on our portable eftpos machine. We will notify you however if we are moving to contactless care.

Stay safe everyone.