Dr Kate works at our Coomera practice and is a new graduate.  Did you know that a Bachelor of Veterinary Science takes 5-6 years of full time study to achieve? It also has an entry score of OP1 or ATAR 98.85 and the degree can take 20 years to pay off.
The award wage for a new graduate veterinarian is $26.32 per hour or $53,000. The award for an experienced senior veterinarian with more than 10 years experience earns $37.93 per hour or $75,000.
Sadly, our vets are told ‘You’re just in it for the money’ almost every single day, so I feel it necessary to educate the public on how much they actually earn in the hope this statement will not be said again.
These high achievers are paid very poorly for the level of skill & education required and the stress they are under daily. They are truly in the job as they have a calling to help animals and deserve to be treated with respect & kindness.
One of the reasons the industry is suffering from a severe veterinary shortage is the high drop out rate. Vets are leaving the industry in droves and studies have shown the main reason for them leaving is not the poor pay & working conditions but the abuse and emotional blackmail from clients. This has to stop before there are no vets left. The Veterinary industry is in danger of collapse!
There are currently over 130 positions vacant for veterinarians between the Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast. The average time it takes to find a new vet in Australia is 6months and many of these jobs won’t get filled at all. Practice Owners are also selling up because they can’t get help & are burnt out. Corporate ownership of veterinary practices on the Gold Coast is now nearing 60%. The family vet is becoming extinct so please choose a family owned vet wherever possible.
Despite the terrible position the industry is in, I again want to say ‘Thank you’ to our clients who bring joy to the faces of our vets and nurses daily and treat them with kindness. You really make a difference to our day and we love it when you visit!!
To those who want to say ‘You’re just in it for the money’ or ‘If you cared you’d do this free’, I hope after reading this post you never want to say that again. These statements are literally killing vets and are so far from the truth it’s not funny.
We’re working really hard to ensure our vets love their job because there are not many left and a world without vets is a very scary place.
Please be kind to vets, they’re a dying breed.